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Basharatyan V

Thursday 26 April 2012

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Words Spindle

Born in Moscow, Veronica brought an inspirational chill and aesthetic to her design landscape in London. Her recent lookbook showcases electric blue and daggered shoulder structure, followed by romantic monochrome nods. The marriage of strength and sensuality is a taste of versatility that bares a bold future for Basharatyan. Spindle tries to crack the intriguing code of this collection…

You’ve got a taste for strong colour but also indulge in intricate monochrome looks, is there a particular side you’d like to explore more or favour?

“The colour and structure are key elements in my collections as well as the quality of fabrics I’m using. I like working with the surface of the fabric and create print not with contrasting colour, but with the help of creating a different surface on the fabric. I’m currently working on developing my knit ideas further, possibly finding new knit techniques for future collections.”

I love the heavy shoulder structure, it marries strength with femininity. Would you say this is a correct analogy of your aesthetic?

“In my collection Balkaria the heavy shoulder structure was inspired by the traditional Caucasian men’s burka. I added pleats in the shoulders and combined exaggerated shoulders with flawy maxi skirts and dresses to show how a very manly structured look can be delicate and feminine at the same time.”

Are there any designers that currently inspire you?

“All designers inspire me. I’m constantly learning from everyone and everything around me. I believe that the moment you stop learning from others and start thinking that you know enough – is the moment you stop being SOMEONE.”

How was it being designer assistant for Natasha Drigant, what did you learn?

“That was a great experience, I think Natasha is a very talented designer and her design is very unique for a Russian designer. She taught me that clothes can be unique but at the same time really wearable.”

How has living in London influenced your work?

“I think I wouldn’t be the designer I am now without having lived and studied in London. The city is always part of my designs no matter where I am. I get inspired when I wake up in the morning and look outside my window. I just love the air, the people and the different places you can see in London.”

What’s next for you?

“Establishing my brand BASHARATYAN V further in London as well as developing my creativity. “

Words: Charles Matthews