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Interview: Catholic Discipline

Sunday 13 May 2012

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How many times must we change the locks on our front doors before these overtly fashionable hoards of laptop DJs to get the message? Owning a trial copy of whatever mixing software pops up first in Google, and stringing a bland cross section of Future Garage and Dubstep together seem to warrant the title of “Musician” to be written in the job description of whatever social networking site is currently the “sickest”. The relationship between music and technology is one destined for great things, but perhaps it’s one best kept an eye on.

Going against this clean cut, image conscious music making, Catholic Discipline favour rough cut mixes and eccentric track selection. They’re currently circulating through the more obscure club nights throughout Brighton, and more recently, The Great Escape Festival. I recently caught up with the two men behind the wheel of this madcap DJ collective, here’s what they had to say

How did you two come to play music together? 

AL : I posted a last minute plea on Twitter for a co-DJ for a night I was doing. Drew replied, and the rest is secretive, unknown and frankly dull history.

Which one city in the world do you think would be most accepting of your music, and why?

DREW: Somewhere like LA, because psych seems quite big over there. And Yank chicks dig us limeys!

AL : Port Merion . We’d be able to soundtrack people 24/7.

Is your rough style and psychedelic approach to mixing and performing a conscious effort to set yourselves apart from the accepted norm of club DJs circulating Brighton?

DREW: Not a conscious effort at all, we just like to have fun, play music we like, that interests and challenges us AND the audience.

AL: I’m scared of hipsters, so possibly my ID makes me separate ourselves. Maybe not, i’m not a psychiatrist!

You throw a wide range of genres from various decades into your sets, why do you think that variation is more important than staying with a single style of music?

DREW: It’s more fun, it gives you a bigger range of music to play from.

AL: Yeah, for sure, by being awfully generic and average, we’re no different to any other DJs in town. At least by hopping genres, we can explore what’s out there…. also, sourcing new music from a bigger gamut is way more fun, than just say… reading the NME, Pitchfork etc. to be TOLD what’s cool.

DREW: It’s also fun to see people’s reactions when you attempt to mix Craig David and Derek & The Dominoes… German folk have left the venue because of these feats!

Could you pinpoint one artist which first sparked musical inspiration?

AL: No. there were many. My folks have very good taste and played music to me constantly when I was a baby.. Led Zeppelin, Roxy Music, Motown, Ska, Dub, The Clash etc etc etc etch a sketch.

DREW: Not really, my dad introduced me to Motown, Disco etc, and my sister dressed me up as Simon Le Bon (explains the love of 80s pop)

I’ve seen the likes of Aphex Twin and the Sugababes rubbing shoulders in your mixes, what makes you think the world is ready for such bold/mad track selection?

DREW: DJs in the bigger arenas are already doing it; DJ Yoda, 2ManyDJs, Nextmen etc… there’s no one doing it on a grass roots level though.

AL: Yeah, like a lotta nights in Brighton claim to be diverse, and genre non-specific, but they just… like… play it safe, and it’s ultimately the same playlist, with buttons pressed by different faces. We’d rather just do what feels right, if it works… cool, if not… you live ‘n learn.

DREW: And none of them play Lindisfarne!

What have you guys got lined up for 2012?

DREW: Our weekly night at Sticky Mike’s (THURSDAYS from 8pm – FREE), a monthly shindig at The Mucky Duck (check listings), supporting THE TIME AND SPACE MACHINE on their inaugural gig (JUNE 1st) and the festival circuit.

AL: Yearly bath. Haircut. Possible sexual enlightenment. France.

DREW: Invent time travel.

AL: Probably do a mix CD or maybe even some original music. That’d be cool.


Words: Charlie Wood