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Review: Exlovers- Moth

Tuesday 29 May 2012
Words Spindle

As summer approaches, it brings the promise of hot, hazy evenings lazing in the park and watching the world go by. Exlovers’ debut album, Moth, promises the perfect soundtrack to accompany you there.

Effortless melodies teamed with gentle vocals conjure up a nostalgic memory of 90’s Britpop at a time when music did not have to be cluttered with instruments and lyrically aggressive to make an impact. Indeed, the lo-fi guitars, faithfully used throughout the album, are particularly prominent on tracks Just a Silhouette and This Love Will Lead You On; the latter especially manages to maintain an up tempo infectious rhythm while still projecting a constant sense of tranquillity and calm.

My favourite of the album’s offerings is undoubtedly Unlovable, which expertly follows the Counting Crows vein of music in producing melancholy and introspective  music which, far from being despairing and hopeless, champions through as insightful and even optimistic.

The track Emily is the first to be released from the album: it is a poignant lament of the singer to the woman in question which, while lyrically provoking, suffers slightly from a faithful but forgettable melody. Fortunately, this picks up towards the end of the track culminating in a catchy and breezy finale.

Moth was recorded at Rockfield Studios, Wales with Demian Castellanos and Jimmy Robertson (Florence and The Machine, Big Pink). The Exlovers’ roll call of Pete, Chris, Brooke, Laurel and Danny have certainly made an impression with their inaugural album and set the groundwork for a promising career ahead.

Words: Kerenza Evans

Moth is set for release on 25th June through Young & Lost Club. The debut single Emily is released on 2nd of July 2012.