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Review: Jairus- Stream Over Sad Parades

Friday 18 May 2012
Words Spindle

Bands like At-The-Drive-In found acclaim throughout the masses with gut wrenching sounds that at times made you want to head butt your own mother. Many others have tried to follow in their footsteps and while some have succeeded, many have drowned, I suspect not so willing to get into a bit of fisty cuffs.

To the ears of individuals more likely to be found drinking herbal tea and listening to Belinda Carlisle, the post-hardcore genre can be likened to opening a cupboard and all their saucepans falling to the floor. Because of this, it is rare to see this type of music on the top 40 chart show – bar the ones backed by the cash of major labels rubbing their hands with glee, while stuffing a massive Danish down their throats – many musicians practicing the craft living in the back of a smelly van with three or four other smelly, sweaty blokes. It is this passion and determination that communicates to the public so diligently. And, yes while a lot of what you hear in those tiny, weird smelling dives can easily be forgotten about, some of it is so, so good.

Jairus’ latest EP contains moments in which you can dance around your room in your underwear together with a handful of those hugely satisfying ‘the vocalist is going to see his burger van tea again, the way he’s singing!’ moments. Stream Over Sad Parades isn’t an EP that will set 2012 alight, but at only four tracks long, I imagine most of us have room on our iPods for those moments where you need to listen to something that’ll make you want to cause some damage.

Words: Gavin Bevan