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Review: Lizzie and the Yes Men – The Broadwalk/The Loneliness

Thursday 17 May 2012
Words Spindle

Channelling inspiration from the likes of The Ronettes and The Beach Boys; Lizzie and The Yes Men have unleashed a new single to get your summer parties swingin’ in the right direction.

Mixing in old school swing styles and harmonies over driving surf-rock beats, Lizzie and The Yes Men’s latest single, The broadwalk delivers a punchy, cool sound that would feel right at home on a Tarantino soundtrack.

Lizzie Holdforth fronts the band, looking like a 2012 version of sixties style queen Twiggy. Holdforth has an almost ‘Riot grrrl’ angsty twang to her voice; it’s unexpected. She belts through the song, giving us echoes of Siouxsie and the Banshees  and Debbie Harry, while the band members behind her whistle over the top ala Roger Whitaker. It’s a cute sound that would be right at home on the stereo as you’re flipping burgers in your Hawaiian shirt and making your party guests Piña Coladas.

The Loneliness would play well at the same party, perhaps a little later on in the night though.

It fits in somewhere between your mod-sixties and soft rock playlists, with Holdforth giving us a  lovelorn / Kate Pierson vibe- slightly depressing, but only in the same way your seventh martini of the night feels.


The Broadwalk/The Loneliness will be released on the 4th June 2012.

You can catch these cool cats on tour, they’ll be playing:

14th June – Paper Dress, London

13th July – Atlantico Live, Rome

14th July – Parco Gondar, Gallipoli, Leece

Words: Brent Randall.