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Review: Towns- Just Everything

Sunday 13 May 2012
Words Spindle

Coming from a solid seat on the Howling Owl Records limited release of their 8th progeny on record store day, and a debut split-CD with the band Damages,  Towns express a rare musical blend of straight-forward rock accompanied by a indie-outfit. All in all, being a newcomer from Britain could’ve been an competitive ordeal, but settling in with this unique mixture gives them a head start worth mentioning. 

This is one of the songs to be featured on their first single with the same name: Just Everything. It starts off with a pretty basic drumbeat, but excels the further in it gets. The riffs expand in all their greatness and form a simple, yet both dim and liquid soundscape. As the vocals enter into the song, it suddenly shifts. With suggestive lyrics and hoarse singing, it becomes one with the interesting complexity. It takes two to tango, but it surely takes more of an effort to make something simple more complex. As summer is coming, this will surely fit the bill. The rain is parting, then comes the sun. Celebrate it with perfectly laden riffs, intensifying drums and shifting climate.

Enjoyable is the least you could say about this: it’s marvellous in its entirety. Mind you, if you’re not an indie-fanatic, you’ll still love this. It would also suit those tired of the stale, repetitive and nonsensical soundscape of mass-produced indie. While at the same time maintaining a unique character, balancing on the edge of genres – it also manages to keep the diverse roots of indie alive. Surely a major improvement since their earlier work, which also held a high standard. Gather your friends, it’s time to travel into the world of Towns.

Words: Jonas Larsson