Review: 2forJoy – Green Grass

Singer/songwriter Ruth Ivo’s cover of a fairly obscure Tom Waits song sounds like a toothless, simpler version of Fever Ray or iamamiwhoami.

Floating along on ominous warm synth washes and deep bass notes, “Green Grass” sadly doesn’t leave much of an impression. Ruth has a good voice though and the song could have perhaps done with a more raucous style or a wider vocal range to spice it up.

The muted eerie woodwind sounds near the end hint at a more interesting direction, whereas her other songs have a sweeter cleaner quality which might better suit her MOR style. So 2ForJoy maybe needs to decide who she is, a trendy synth-pop artist for indie Beach House fans, or the accessible songstress of Choke for the wider public and your grandmother.

Words: Joe Fuller