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Review: Klumzy Tung- Happy Accidents

Thursday 21 June 2012

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As refreshing as a cup of good British Yorkshire tea- Loyal-Tea to be precise. The Loyal-Tea rhymes flow from the pen of Klumzy Tung, friend of Beardyman, who is launching an album of lyrical prowess. Early comparisons are bound towards the Streets, but Klumzy Tung walks all over the Streets with his own unique style.  A style that sees the “Gobfather” producing a video of each song on the album, one coming out a month for ten months.

With producer Mr.Dero and a shout out on Skins along the way , Happy Accidents is big and deserves to be bigger.

First instalment in Loyal-Tea, that most English of drinks, our man Klumzy is as pure as they come. If only we embraced our own with the effort and enthusiasm we do of visiting countries to Stratford this umber! Give this man an opening ceremony and gold medals glory, but leave the closing ceremony, as Klumzy has some preaching to do.

If you ask me – any demos recorded in a bathroom- a place that is usually full of shit- are always worth a listen. The man produces a complete polar parallel. On this evidence, Klumzy needs to spend more time in the bathroom. Whatever he is doing in there, it’s working! As long as he steps out every now and then to spray a little Febreze and furnish our eyes and ears with his ramblings, I’ll be a happy man.

All hail the “Gobfather.” There are no mistakes, only Happy Accidents.

Words: Ross Emerick