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Review: Get People Harmonize EP release show

Tuesday 12 June 2012
Words Spindle

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, 13th June.

After a swift pint, I entered the venue at Hoxton Bar And Kitchen to the site of surrounding guests putting on homemade paper monster heads on which had been provided by London electronic trio, Get People. Everyone already seemed in celebratory mood, despite England having only drawn in the football match that had just finished. This celebratory mood is extremely apt as that’s what the evening was for – to celebrate the release of Get People’s new EP, Harmonize.

After some mighty fine tunes were thrown out by the female duo on the decks including songs from Purity Ring and XXXY (seriously girls, have you been watching my DJ sets and listening to my mixtapes? – we’re like musical soul mates), on came support band Dems. I guess I can only describe them as electronic hip hop with a soulful edge. They’re seriously brilliant, they always have been (I wrote about them two years ago when Dan from the band’s cousin Emma – AKA Emmy the Great tweeted about them). It’s lovely that they haven’t changed their sound much at all over the past two years – they’ve just developed their writing skills and spawned a multitude of wonderful songs. I sincerely predict that now is the time that big things will start to come their way; their set was pretty flawless.

Finally, to a backdrop of a beautiful animated escapist wasteland, including a few fantastical critters floating by (hats off to who ever designed that – you absolute hero), on came Get People. Immediately they beckoned the audience into their nonsensical dream land via the use of samples and synth, a drum kit and a marvellous bongo drum (the Dems boys admitted to me earlier that they are seriously jealous of their kit!). The lighting was equally as incredible in suiting the band’s desired ambience with the red, green and blue lasers circling the band like the beams of some sort of alien space ship. You get the idea: the live show is now HUGE and suits the bands ideas and expressions down to a tee.

Mixed into the set were ‘hits’ such as Odyssey and free download Away, as well as new favourites Macaw and Something Better along with new content and other songs from their new EP. The band’s set could barely be faulted. If anything, it was that they could maybe have taken less of a break between each song in order to be a little bit more mysteriously aloof. If there was anything wrong with the gig then it was maybe the audience; they didn’t seem quite as hooked as they should be (hey guys behind me – if you’d have put all of that effort into a show, would you really want someone to talk all through it?). The venue, professionally speaking is very good but I just didn’t feel it was quite right for them. They need to play somewhere much more dark and grimy; somewhere with more intimacy that doesn’t have a load of pissed England football fans in the room next door to it. Other than that, it was a fantastic gig.

Words: Katie Wilkinson