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Review: Strategise- Stay Out

Monday 11 June 2012
Words Spindle

We’ve all been there: the time’s 3am, six hours into an all night rave in a disused car park underneath a bridge.

Sweat trickling down your back, your body in a spasm of uncontrolled movements spurred by the thundering tones emanating from the speakers. Girls in cut off t-shirts, glow sticks wrapped around their wrists while offering oddly coloured shots encased in test tubes; in the meantime hundreds of others sip on their overpriced plastic cups of vodka and coke bathed in warm, trance-inducing waves of light bouncing off the damp, brick walls.

Some are here alone, some with their significant other while many have arrived in packs, one thing for sure is the collective desire to have fun and dance until dawn.

That’s what Strategise’s Stay Out sounds like.


Words: Gavin Bevan