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Review: Underground Store Launch

Monday 25 June 2012
Words Spindle

Underground creepers have shot to new levels of fame over recent years, sparking countless ‘flatform’ trends, they remain the firm favourites time and time again.

Despite this, the chunky soles were only to be bought online or in Urban Outfitters and the like i.e. they failed to own a flagship. That is until now. On Thursday the shiny new shoe shop, fittingly nestled between record shops on Berwick Street, burst open its doors to a creeper-clad crowd. The free booze flowed as the 80’s Brit pop blared out onto Soho’s streets.

The opening follows and marks a ridiculously successful year for the brand during which they have paired up with: Ashish, b Store and Sibling. If that ain’t cause for a party, I don’t know what is. The store promises to stock the classic brothel creepers and winkle pickers alongside an exclusive showcase of limited edition lines. So exclusive they’re not available anywhere else. In. The. World.

The Ashish have shot (right back) to the top of my everlasting wish list.

Words: Helen Turnbull