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Friday 08 June 2012
Words Spindle

This exhibition was of the works from graduates of the Photography programme at Barking & Dagenham College. The collection promised to present a range of images with a rich diversity in messages and meaning.

Kishan Panchal’s collection focused on family life. His images of flowers were very delicate and almost looked like holograms. Each flower carefully dissected to create the perfect shot, all backed onto different shades to create the completed piece and help represent a range of moods and emotions.

Compare those shots of Kishan’s with Sophia Panteli’s statement solo shot and you couldn’t get two more contrasting pieces. Sophia uses dramatic lighting to help represent the mood she wants in her photographs. Her picture of a girl in the bed makes the viewer ask questions: was she always alone? Did she ask them to leave or did they leave her? It’s a brilliant way of pulling the audience into the scenario and to connect with the subject, resulting in analysing your own reactions to those around you.

Rebecca Leanne Perry’s collection was much softer and provided a more comforting message. Titled Like Grandfather Like Granddaughter, her selection of shots were slightly grainy, making them feel real and natural. This collection was actually aimed to represent the artist’s sense of loss at never meeting her own grandfather, however the images had a far more positive reaction, sending out a message of love and security.

All artists illustrated high levels of technique and some had truly mind provoking messages and sentiments. One collection that was a little more playful however, was Stewart Taylor’s, whose images of animals’ faces had many visitors smiling. Titled Reflection: Us In Them, Stewart’s pieces were created to illustrate how the animals he captured whilst in captivity could be portraying different emotions. A rather bold statement to get across to his audience, especially when behind each image was a level of mischievousness, which is what made them so engaging and successful on the night.

The exhibition was a great display of skill, imagination and emotion but all played out in very different ways, just as you’d expect from such a collection of photographs. Be sure to keep an eye out for the photographers who took part, as this is sure to be just the start of their careers in photography.

Words: Annie Owen