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Interview: Youan

Tuesday 10 July 2012
Words Spindle

When asked to compose a few questions to put to an artist called Youan, the only information I was given was Youan’s gender (male), age (22) and location (London). Googling Youan proved pointless as all I could find were the expected Soundcloud/YouTube streams; however, I did go on to after almost 30 minutes, discover that he liked playing FIFA – but, that’s it!

With answers as brief as my source material, Youan points out that it’s not a yearning to remain faceless, more of a longing for his music to do all the talking.

Spindle: Sourcing information about yourself has been both exhausting and fruitless.
Why do you refer to remain almost anonymous?

Youan: I just don’t see the need to put out an image or front. If the music works,
it works. It’s not about being anonymous; it’s about not being David Guetta.

Spindle: Although, I have read that you’re a dab hand on FIFA; who are your default
team and how good are you online?

Youan: Haha it’s got to be Shrewsbury Town 4-1-2-1-2. They have some hidden

Spindle: How did you first get into producing?

Youan: I first got started on a copy of Reason I got from a friend. I spent hours
trying to re-create sounds I’d heard on my favourite records at the time. I
then progressed to other programs and got involved in the ‘electro’ scene in
around 06/07, where I started ghost producing for DJs.

Spindle: Which DJs/producers have influenced you?

Youan: Switch, Flying Lotus, Max Martin, Chris Jack – I’ve always got time for producers who do things I would never even think of.

Spindle: Are there any exciting projects on the horizon for you during the latter
half of 2012?

Youan: I’m currently working on a single with a vocalist who I will keep under
wraps for now! It’s a natural step for me. Although I love working with samples, and the way they can be moulded, I also like the freedom a vocalist can bring.

Words: Gavin Bevan