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Review: Keith Canisius – Save the Sharks EP

Tuesday 10 July 2012
Words Spindle

Alternative chill wave dream pop lo-fi shoe gaze is back ! Hmmm I hear you murmer- was it ever with us? Who fucking knows? Unfortunately, music has to be defined by a genre but the truth is artists span several genres, so many the staff at HMV don’t know where to put the record. You simply can not place certain artists into just one – I know how the Jaffa cake guys feel now. (Come to think of it, I haven’t had a Jaffa cake in what seems like an eternity. As soon as I finish this, I’m off to buy a job lot and ponder my personal preference of genre placement with each biscuit that masquerades as a cake, or is it cakes that masquerade as a biscuit? Anyway, I digress.)

Keith Canisius can be placed on any HMV shelf he likes. The fact is, the US born, Danish inhabitant and self-taught producer  has an EP that will make your auditory canal as happy as a pig in shit.

Now I could sit and preach that Save the Sharks is a mix of Friendly Fires, Stone Roses, Ben Howard, Ian Archer and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, but I will not allow you to listen to Keith Canisius based on this analogy – £5 flat fee fines to those that do. Instead, open up that mind to the fact that there is an artist that simply does not conform to genres but manages just to be Keith Canisius without having to Madonna-esque re-invent themselves or go through the (spoken in that ‘I’ve had a fake all-nighter with 30 minutes’ sleep on the bonnet of my tour manager’s car’ voice) “oh yeah man, we are much more mature now and I think that really reflects on the record.” Keith manages five years of re-invention (excluding weird phase) on a single record.

Sod it  Just listen to it – I’m off to get my Jaffa cakes….. Biscuits ……. Cakes ……. Maybe I should just go for shortbread ???

Words: Ross Emerick