Profile: Dr Lakra

Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez, better known as Dr Lakra, is a Mexican tattoo artist, with a sideline in the macabre.

Using found items such as dolls and vintage magazines, Lakra renders a surreal world of tattooed babies and inked ingenues. Lakra’s passion for tattooing permeates his art, and he decorates the long-dead or never-living bodies he finds in the same way he does his paying clients. The effect is striking – perfectly merging the fashionable fascinations with vintage tattoos and pin ups, and producing a unique and often sinister final product. I one of his works, a dirty postcard model is entwined by a snake, a black skeleton peering over her shoulder. In another, a sultry starlet on the cover of VEA Magazine has her eyes painted a la Gene Simmons. Lakra’s world is dark, morbid and utterly compelling.

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Words: Jack Casey