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Behind the Scenes: Cinnamon Girl ‘Devil in Me’ Video Shoot

Tuesday 24 July 2012

“It’s catchy like syphilis,” proclaims videographer Joanna Dudderidge. “Not that I’ve ever had syphilis…” she’s quick to clarify.

It’s a wrap on the video shoot for Cinnamon Girl’s Devil In Me and after 10 hours of watching and making the occasional must-have-been-incredibly-obnoxious comment about being tired whenever anyone, no doubt mildly interested in what exactly I was doing there, asked me how I was doing, I feel like I deserve a pat on the back. And I just sat there. Imagine the new found respect accorded for those who actually, ya know, did some work.

After my first day on a video shoot, I have misty-eyed veneration for Team C.G.
But let’s go back to the beginning: Cinnamon Girl, AKA Camilla Roholm, was shooting the video for single Devil In Me and I went along to soak it all up/occasionally stuff biscuits into my mouth, so that I may provide this privileged sneak peak behind the scenes for you, my faithful readers (Mum, Heather: hello).

The insanely catchy (yes, like the syph), pure pop song is fuelled by 80s-esque synths and hooks that will not only still be listenable after 10 hours of it playing on loop, but will still leave you wanting to dance and sees Cinnamon Girl lament a misguided lover who has tried to entrap/ensnare/change her, despite knowing she has the ‘devil in her’.

“I’ve brought a bag of hair,” stylist, our own Heather Falconer, announced as we lugged three bulging suitcases of clothing options into the studios, before she and Camilla carefully planned out, tried on, chose and discarded an array of leather, feathers, prints and spandex. Special mention to the troll leggings, cassette player 80’s Cleo B peep toes and 90’s, Vegas stripper boots.

As is befitting an artist with as firmly an entrenched DIY sensibility as Cinnamon Girl, who writes, produces and plays all her instruments herself, the video sees her adopt six personas: angry, un-pin-down-able front woman; bassist; guitarist; synth player; drummer; and robotic backing vocalists. That’s six instrument, outfit and full hair and makeup down to the nail varnish changes.

So yes, Camilla, you more than proved you can play her all your own instruments. None of that glassy eyed, ham fisted miming for her, as Joanna filmed close up shots of every riff, working alongside behind-the-scenes photographer, Helen Kirkbright, before Camilla would break angsty character, giggle and skip off to the makeup chair to skilfully manipulate her own barnett, while Chloe Morris would work with a rainbow palette of iridescent colours, which at some point, must surely have been in multi-coloured, three-looks-deep, layers on her skin.

At times, it was touch and go as to whether it would all be done in time, but with literal minutes to go before the studio time ran out, the final shot was completed and an end was called. High fives and hugs all round.

Team Cinnamon Girl, thanks for having me.

You can view ‘Devil in Me’ HERE

Words: Amy Lavelle

Backstage Photography: Helen Kirkbright
Director: Joanna Dudderidge
Styling: Heather Falconer
Makeup: Chloe Morris

Clothes Credits:
Zeynep Tosun
Cleo B
Doll Boutique
Jayne Pierson
Maria Piana
Shop Floor Whore