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Review: Let Them Eat CAKE!

Friday 03 August 2012

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Tuesday night isn’t exactly a wild party night for most of us, especially the 19+ crowd.  That’s why it was a pleasant surprise to see Nocturne (550 Queen Street West) packed full of energetic ravers and club-goers of all flavours for “Let Them Eat Cake,” an event organized by Epiphany Entertainment and sponsored by Three Olives “Cake” vodka.

The two room club was very well decorated by KyleidoscopeDesigns – you might not have thought that “cupcake” was a theme with a lot of mileage to it, but it appears you should never underestimate the capacity of ravers to turn food into fun. Lighting and sound were solid in both rooms, especially considering it was a Tuesday night event.

Musical entertainment spanned several genres in the lower range of the BPM spectrum (electro, trance, and breaks) and even a bit of DnB and hardcore made it into the bunch. The lineup included a mix of experienced performers such as Flyboy, Tempest, Rolls-Royce and Dynamic (full disclosure: that’s me) while a new generation of up-and-coming artists was represented by Velociraver, Amanda Raygun, Tenshin, and Maddie Qwikstepp.. The DJs managed to keep a good pace through the night, and both rooms saw plenty of dancing. In fact, the night did so well that the club stayed open well past last call, even though the event had been slated to end at 2 AM.

This event was a one-off event and will not be replicated, but I’m told Nocturne was impressed by the turnout and is looking to arrange more events with Epiphany for the future, so keep an eye out by following EpiphanyEntertainment on Facebook if you’d like to attend their next one.


Happy raving!