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Review: Perfume Genius – Take Me Home

Wednesday 15 August 2012
Words Spindle

Waves of momentum with a magnitude the size of the one Mike Hadreas, AKA Perfume Genius, has found himself riding since the release of Put Your Back N2 It, come along rarely for an artist.

Thanks to some excellent endorsements from the likes of Michael Stipe after a particularly worrying case of YouTube censorship, Hadreas finds a great deal of attention falling upon him, making the release of Take Me Home something of particular interest. This interest may be met with differing results though.

Starting with an arresting delicacy reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens’ greatest tributes to Michigan, the musings and endorsements are clearly warranted. The haunting echoes of a dunk piano and strained, simplistic drums would slide happily into the mid 90’s repertoire of Nick Cave and Handreas’ vocals perfectly complete the soundscape.

With the plaudits aside, there are short falls with the latest cut from Put Your Back N2 It. Where there is an undeniably strong start, Take Me Home doesn’t seem to go anywhere. The chorus seems to creep in and out with little notice, making what was a promising piece of music start to feel mundane and boring.

Within the cannon of the LP, this is not the case as it is bookended with complimentary tracks, but alone it does not quite shout as a great advertisement for Perfume Genius; stating more for the choice of single release than any lack of quality from Mike Handreas.

Words: Ben Clark