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Review: Being There- Tomorrow

Monday 06 August 2012

If you’re yearning for some good old fashioned rock vibes this summer, look no further than the latest single, Tomorrow from indie-rockers, Being There. It’s the third single from their debut album, Breaking Away.

Mentioned as one of NME’s 100 new bands for 2012, Being There are bringing us a revived retro hit, echoing vibes from the nineties. Think Dinosaur Jnr, but faster and with a healthy dose of Ash thrown in. I’m instantly transported back to the late nineties: it’s nostalgic, sweet and instantly brings a smile to my curmudgeonly face.

Being There has captured an energy and exuberance that is usually reserved for bands that have been around a lot longer than these guys. Tomorrow is a fresh approach to ‘indie-rock’, with the lyrics almost being a tribute to those old cassette mix-tapes we’d make for our sweethearts back in the day. It’s adorable, bright and perfect for summer.

Front-man, Sammy Lewis’ mellow voice chirps through the song, softly, gently, sweetly, as though he’s reading a love letter to his past, while behind the vocals there’s a strong, driving, rock-punch from the guitars that would give J Mascis a run for his money.

I can understand how Being There has been stamped with the ‘low-fi’ label, however it’s more of the feeling- the vibe as opposed the sound. There’s a rawness and truth that flows from my speakers; it’s honest, good music and well worth a listen.

Do yourself a favour and head over to iTunes to listen to Tomorrow, today.

Words: Brent Randall