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Dont Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next Exhibition

Tuesday 27 January 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

The London College of Fashion is like the greenhouse for budding creatives, just getting them ready to fully bloom and go out into the world of other innovative and artistic bloomed things. And the most recent exhibition in their Fashion Space Gallery is proving just this. Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next is a group exhibition exploring contemporary image-making.

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Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next Part One was curated by Magdalene Keaney, she said of the exhibition, “If someone tells you not to stop it means you must be doing something good to begin with”. And isn’t everyone glad no one told this group of people to stop.

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The exhibition is a beautiful display of work toying with the themes of ‘materiality and play’. Using these themes and incorporating irony and humour into their work, these photographers aim to highlight possible tensions between what is real and what is virtual. It sets to draw attention to a new generation of photographers that are reverting back to analogue processes and technology and how this works with fashion photography.

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This is part one of the Don’t Stop Now exhibition, which features work by: Charlie Engman, Jacob Sutton, Hannah Putz, Laetitia Hotte, Baker & Evans, Harley Weir, Daniel Sannwald, Mel Bles, Axel Hoedt, Jonathan Hallam and Ruvan Wihesooriya, Clare Shilland and Laetitia Negre. And this first part is open until February 28th with Part Two beginning on March 6th. People of the world, go check out these creative buds in their process of blooming.