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Terror Descends on East London With The Immersive ‘Generation Z’

Monday 04 May 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

How often have you watched a horror film and thought “fuck that, what a stupid dumb blonde bitch”, or “I could do that” (the running away from the murderer part, not the actual murdering). Let’s face it, when it comes to the horror genre – from our nostalgic days watching Neve Campbell having shit luck in Scream, to modern day psychos on Instagram – there comes a curiosity to being scared. Time to act on it.


Generation Z is the latest immersive theatre experience to come to London. Set in Whitechapel, you’re sent as a group into a basement that’s decayed and caged- pretty much the remains from a dystopian city. You don’t know what to do in there, or at least we didn’t. Some groups started reading the walls and shuffling around, and yes, that made them suspicious. Others, like ourselves, clung to each other and stayed in the darkness, or at least the ‘safe parts’ if there were any. This already set the mood…everyone suspicious of everyone. Before we knew it (and without giving too much away) military sergeants stormed the room, informing us with swear words that an infection has spread and that we shouldn’t be down here. Well we paid to come down here so we’re staying. SIR YES SIR. The next hour involved pregnancy disturbances, a psychotic surgeon, being split into vulnerable groups, putting chairs against doors to warn off intruders; oh and being chased by zombies.


The acting was actually stellar. They managed to fuse fear with comedy, and the storyline itself was decent. And for the social media generation, at the end you’re granted a selfie with one of the deceased. Although it resulted in getting some blood on our shoulder, and we wore a brand new white shirt. Typical.


‘Generation Z’ will be playing until July 5th, check out their website for more details.