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Preview: AIAIAI & Yuri Suzuki – Making the City Sound Better

Thursday 20 September 2012
Words Spindle

Black cabs are one of London’s most famed trademarks and are globally representative of the city. Danish headphone designers AIAIAI (who perfectly combine simplicity and style) and sound artist Yuri Suzuki (current designer in residence at London’s Design Museum) have teamed up to transform the London style symbol that is the black cab into a piece of moving sound art. The project is entitled Make the City Sound Better’ and was created concurrently with AIAIAI’s new head phone release ‘The Capital’ – targeting ‘on-the-go-urbanites’.

The project will run over two days – the 20th and 21st of August and will see a specially designed (and rather eye-catching) black cab parading the streets of London, using a software programme to take in the sounds of the city and release them as music in real time. Microphones will record the noise and passers-by will hear the music resonating through the Covent Garden and Seven Dials area from the 67 speakers built into the taxi’s body and the Indian horns mounted on its roof – told you it was eye-catching. Passengers however will be able to enjoy the spontaneous composition from the comfort of the cab’s back seat using the in built head phones provided.

The project’s website currently features a video documenting the production of the bespoke taxi. During the event it will feature a live stream of the journey and the music created along the way for those of you who don’t fancy tracking the cab down for yourself. The music created on a particular journey will be also uploaded to Soundcloud and available to listen to on the website.

For those of you eager to get involved then keep track of AIAIAI on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (details below) as they are offering the chance to win a ride in the Sound Taxi and a pair of their Capital headphones – an opportunity not to be missed!

This innovative idea sees the aim of AIAIAI’s latest headphones literalised as now through their products and this project, they and Suzuki will truly make the city sound better.



Words: Alice Kemp