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Preview: Felicities PR Fashion Designers for SS13

Wednesday 05 September 2012
Words Spindle

London Fashion Week beckons and more prominent than ever is the rise of the young contenders: the designers who are firing up city street style and representing the sense of rebellion that the city has become renowned for. Spindle Magazine takes a look at some of the names in this creative cauldron.

Arinna Cerrito

“I have a passion for jewels and believe that when a woman wears a striking piece of jewel she will stand out from the crowd for her elegance and style.”

Arinna Cerrito’s jewellery certainly becomes much more than an accessory, acting as an extension of the outfit. Scrap the jewelled dress for that ‘special occasion’ that comes, goes and then disappears in the back of the wardrobe mist; instead imagine jewellery that juxtaposes punchy encrusted attitude with undeniably glamorous and voluptuous designs.

“I’m attracted to fluid movements, organic forms, and sculptural 3-dimensional shapes that I then translate onto the woman’s body… as if she were the sculpture herself. I design with glamour, a bit of edginess in mind and a hint of romanticism.”

“Jewel and dress talk to each other, keeping memory of one another when they are worn independently, but then enhancing their beauty when they are worn together. It is like an expression of love that brings and takes, leaving its trace on the lover.”

Arinna is a designer that designs in mind of the ‘cocktail hour’, whether that means the decadent woman is meeting her lover or going to a social event to stun. For Spring/Summer we can expect a mix of urban sophistication, arty chic and happy romantic, for an altogether “unique fashion animal!”

Beautiful Soul

This brand are quintessentially British in the best sort of way, attracting a new way of working the “Alexa” look with a fresh twist on vintage vibes.

“A Beautiful Soul Women pays attention to fine details, and although she likes to dress for the moment, she equally appreciates timeless, classic pieces that can’t be identified as a passing trend.”

“Each season we create and incorporate our own unique prints that add a twist of English charm, with the objective of creating pieces that will be cherished for a lifetime and passed down through the generations.”

If you’re a girl who looks up to Alexa Chung for her effortless-festival ways, Lana Del Rey for that sepia summertime haze, and Sophie Ellis Bextor for her porcelain pin-up pop, Beautiful Soul will have you making hearts in your latte.

If you’re a blogger that wants to see stellar indie chic during Fashion Week, they’ll be showcasing their first film as part of Felicities Presents at Somerset House on the 17th September at 7:30 pm.

Xsenia and Olya

With a gorgeous glam-factor about the brand, “magic in movement” is the mood.

“With the Olympics in our stead, sporty chic is going to be up there as one of the SS13 looks. Some of our pieces attain the perfect harmony between sport and chic, with a feminine and even Grecian twist, taking it right back to the founding fathers of the Olympics!”

If you’re looking for a collection of surreptitious separates coming together to make dreamy silhouettes of chiffons and silks, look no further!

Jeffrey Michael


Jeffrey Michael offers the exciting pluck of feather textures into Spring/Summer, suggesting there’s a new era of Audrey Hepburns and Marilyn Monroes around the corner…

“I love the glamour of old Hollywood, and I was inspired from some of the screen icons that have shaped our culture. These women were both powerfully sexual, while also innocent and delicate. They have epic personal styles that have shaped the way women look at dressing themselves everyday.”

The SS13 collection, ‘From the Water’, could easily be a Hollywood story in itself, and will no doubt have you hooked to its plot.

“I’ve been playing out a daydream I had of a woman emerging upon the midnight sandy beach from the waves, clothed only in the shells and sea foam from the ocean behind her. I’ve designed around abstractions of this idea.”


If you’re seeking out a new sense of androgyny after all the dress interest, Phanntiq is the phantom that will fly you away to new heights of ‘the unisex’.

People are more open to various styles than ever before, and androgyny plays on the “I’m me, take it or leave it” attitude, turning your back on the general notion of beauty.

Layering becomes a work of art in this look book, leaving room for outfit evolution in the way it’s worn and interpreted. “You can wear the same clothes in so many ways, and have so many different personalities depending on what you put with it and how you feel.”

There’s a well dressed sense of rebellion to the collection, and you can join the anarchy at Somerset House in the Portico Rooms as part of Felicities Presents on Monday 17th from 7:30pm. See you there.


Words: Charles Matthews