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Preview: Harvest Festival

Friday 14 September 2012
Words Spindle

The annual harvest festival is a tradition with roots extending deep into humanity’s past. There was simply no more important event for our ancestors, and the harvest season retains an element of that magic even in this more rational and ordered time.

Ontario’s “Autumn Equinox Arts and Music Festival” – or “Harvest Festival,” as it’s usually called – embraces that spirit and brings it into the modern era. The festival focuses on celebrating life, music and art through a weekend-long event hosted at Midlothian Castle, a sprawling estate owned by internationally renowned artist Peter Camani. The fields are dotted with “Screaming Heads,” massive sculptures that Camani designed to call attention to environmental degradation.

The festival runs from Friday, September 14th through Sunday, and features on-site camping, the “Lunacy Cabaret” zero gravity circus, a variety of vendors, and four different stages of psytrance, techno, downtempo and bass music.

Words: Tim Ellis