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Red Bull Catwalk Studio Presents Fred Butler and Two Inch Punch

Friday 07 September 2012
Words Spindle

London Fashion Week. Bees are the basis of this buzzing collection, with delicious digital prints taken from Honey-comb, a colour palette heavy in yellow and black, and Marian Newman contributing razor-sharp sting-like talons. A Hip Hop Honey Bee is the style to be, with urban and feminine sting to the aesthetic.

Working with Red Bull and the Catwalk Studio Project, Fred Butler has teamed up with “Lovestep” music magician Two Inch Punch to dream up an original track to accompany the SS13 collection… “A Bee In My Bonnet.” Spindle opens up this trunk…

How daunting was it to find yourself in the sound studio compared to when your collections go up for industry and public opinion?

It’s the Redbull Catwalk Studio part of the process that I Love! I get to step out of my own studio zone of constant stitching to experience something completely different – sewing sounds. I am a frustrated musician at heart and wish I could make music myself, so to have the opportunity of collaborating with a producer and experience how its done is just one of the magic elements of the whole season. I really look forward to the days I spend down at the studio as this is the 2nd time I have taken part in the programme.

Did the collaboration become a 50/50 scenario at work, or did you feel like the guest in the music artists’ scene?

From the very start it’s been a collaboration, but when I work jointly like that I always hand over creative control to the artist as I believe they flourish the best when left to their own devices. There is a reason you choose to work with someone so I always have absolute faith and trust in a partnership and relish the surprise of seeing what they have come up with.

How would you sum up the sound that you created?

Ben is very hands on and showed me how he made some of his signature sounds, and even sampled me humming to put in the mix. It’s going to be a spine-tingling woosh of elevating energy.

Two Inch Punch has pioneered a new genre he labels ‘Lovestep’, what’s this beat all about?

Cosmic sounds in melodies that crackle and drip like honey in thick layers of uplifting deep beats.

So would you say music and fashion go hand in hand?

For me, absolutely. It’s my two passions in life and the things that have driven me since being a teenager. I have worked for years to integrate myself in that scene and now it’s a living dream. I get to make accessories for musicians I adore and then get to see them perform live which is complete job satisfaction. That’s why it’s crucial for me to have the two entwined in my own work, so the Redbull Catwalk Studio is totally tailored to my every wish. It’s remarkable no one has thought of it before.

What can we expect from your fashion film for SS13?

It’s a trip into a sticky, humming, honeycomb, hexagon hive dream world which is inhabited by a sweet ‘Hip Hop honeybee’ where she playfully dances to an uplifting soundtrack, cracking open a gold piñata nectar pocket to gleefully release its twinkly, dripping contents. As with all of my fashion films and shows – it’s an escape to another dimension and opportunity to step out of reality and absorb yourself in a minute of pure joy.

Fashion film is becoming an increasingly poignant part of a collection; why do you think this is?

It’s completely democratic – anyone with internet has access to see a collection in motion whereas before you would have to physically attend a show. In addition to that the designer has a chance to encapsulate their vision before the collection goes out to press – it’s their one chance to capture the pure essence. It’s a record of a moment that lasts forever and can be shared for everyone to see.

Is there a genre of music that really doesn’t tickle your fancy?

Ballads! I like to dance…


The track will be previewing exclusively during the SS13 presentation and be available for complimentary download along with Fred’s Fashion Film at redbull.co.uk/catwalkstudio, bringing the catwalk directly to your playlist. Fred Butler is also working with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust in support of the declining number of Urban Bees within our cities. A special edition key ring by Fred Butler will be available exclusively through her blog and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust homepage with all proceeds going to the trust.

Accompanying the SS13 collection is also a Fashion Film directed by Elisha Smith- Leverock, evoking life within the hive, again made possible through Red Bull’s support.

Words by Charles Matthews