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Review: GuMM – Lionheart

Monday 10 September 2012
Words Spindle

This Bristolian three-piece offers up some psychedelic skeezyness with a donkey punch to your neck and ears. Brace yourself for GuMM, this might hurt a little.

GuMM are gearing up for a sweet single release to whet your appetite, starting off with Lionheart. It’s the sort of song to play when you need to hype yourself up before going out, a fast paced war-cry to ready you for the carnage of the weekend. Lionheart  gives you windswept vocals that feel detached, cloudy, almost as though they were recorded in a cement cell with no windows. While the guitars pump along in the distance, like I’m on a field while they’re playing live over at the next stage during a summer music festival. The fight of soft and hard work poetically alongside each other, resulting in a fog of pounding, low-fi rock.

Maybe it’s the reverb abuse, maybe it’s my obsession with Bristolian shoe-gazers, or maybe it’s just my nostalgia. In any event, GuMM makes me want to throw down a long-neck, spray on my dirty jeans and go stare at the floor for an hour at my local dive bar.

The B-side, Windswept, is more up my ally. Again, the atmosphere that GuMM has captured is all very live and dangerous. There’s an energy here, erratic and gritty. With influences ranging from White Stripes, My Bloody Valentine and Brian Jonestown Massacre, you can expect some real grunt which grounds the floaty psychedelic vibe perfectly. The ethereal flow may have something to do with the track being recorded in Portishead’s studio and produced by TJ Allen.  I imagine these guys would not disappoint in live performances. So often we go to gigs only to leave wondering what the fuck we just witnessed. I get the impression that GuMM would not disappoint in delivering a true live sound that would rival the recording. You can go find out for yourself, GuMM will be playing at The Louisiana, Bristol with Novella on the 18th October.

Lionheart is out today on Howling Owl Records.

Head to the website for more gummband.co.uk

Words: Brent Randall