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Review: Menoma- Moms

Friday 28 September 2012
Words Spindle

I’d never heard of this band until today because at time I’m as out of the loop of new music as my dead nan. Turns out though, Moms is their 5th album. They hailed from Portland, Oregon, alternatively known as The City of Hipsters. Once I discovered this I got a bit wary and expected an album dedicated to veganism and street knitting. Luckily, this wasn’t the case, but that feeling of relief was probably the most positive experience I had in regard to this album.

The album starts off with a track called Plumage, which completely fails to grab your attention in any way at all. I thought maybe it was a slow burner and it was, sort of. It slowly ramped (well more like crawled drunkenly) itself up to a section which sounded like The Zutons. Now, that isn’t a comparison because there was a bit of sax in it, I mean it sounded exactly like them. I hoped that wouldn’t set the tone for the rest of the album and it didn’t. It was the most exciting part of the album though.

What followed afterwards was a flatline of dull music with no flare or use of dynamics. I am genuinely struggle to pick anything out of the bland, grey blob that was Moms and I can’t think of a single lyric, hook or beat. I only listened to it ten minutes ago for God’s sake and my memory isn’t that bad.

This is essentially an album of slightly off-kilter indie by numbers. There are some unconventional instruments in there, but it seems like they’ve used them for the sake of it as they do absolutely nothing interesting with them. It’s as though they’re trying to be experimental but got a bit scared of being too out there, or they just couldn’t do it. It isn’t a rubbish album as such, it’s just unoriginal and bland. I got so bored while listening I started drawing stick figure cartoons.

Essentially, if you want some music to play in the background when you have guests over that sounds vaguely interesting, then buy this album. Just don’t let anyone pay proper attention to it because they’ll realise it’s boring and probably work out you’re boring too.

Words: Joshua Boyd