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Feature: Designers- Ones To Watch

Tuesday 23 October 2012

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Our fashion correspondent, Charles Matthews, gives us the run down on his Designer Ones To Watch


The 90s brings back great memories: pop music at its purist, and fashion being all about what you can throw together in a flash to strop down the stairs to throw a tennis ball against a wall. So any designer that has a smiley Nirvana spirit gets my interest. Beanies and oversized jumpers with a healthy helping of hippy influence makes for a label where laid back style is the way forward.

Vin & Omi

These men are the sequins to the stars, probably making pop stars break out into opera song at dresses that take them to Hollywood heights. Their collections are an orchestra of eccentricity, with designs that play with the senses and showcase a new sense of futuristic decadence. Dark but playful in a split second, these are clothes that empower and encourage individuality. I like to think I’m ‘one of a kind’, so a design duo that celebrate this ethos have my Oprah Winfrey thumbs up!

Asger Juel Larsen

Imagine a zombie military disco and you have the madhouse of Asger. From tough trench coats to acid chav sweaters, this is a designer who injects industrial art-house into East End London and beyond.

Charlie May

I’ve been waiting for a young British designer to execute Jil Sander’s sharp line language and ice white landscape for ages, and Charlie May is that refreshing lemonade. With a forward thinking approach to womenswear structure and a confidence behind the androgynous, this is a designer that pushes the boundaries by exploring ideas of minimalism.

Kit Neale

Menswear is given the art attack treatment, with head to toe looks that have a fun-house of colour catapulted all over it. With pattern that could be camp or tough-knuckle depending on how or who wears it, there’s a sense of rebellion from this explosion of colour. I love crayons, and I also love this designer.

Words: Charles Matthews