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Preview: David Bowie Exhibition

Monday 08 October 2012

Let’s take a quick Spiders-from-Mars minute (which is approximately, um, forever) to talk about how fabulous David Bowie’s hair was between 1969 and 1981.  A golden era for trashy follicle aficionados if ever there was, Ziggy’s burnt orange mullet is the stuff of legend and if you ever find yourself wondering what defined pop culture long before Lindsay Lohan snorted up what credibility was left of it, you are sure to find the answer in Ziggy’s electric mane.  David Bowie was, and still is, the sex!  It’s, like, public knowledge, don’t you know?  

What you may not know is that a major exhibition of vintage posters and memorabilia from David Bowie’s golden (hair) years– including that fierce ‘Heddon Street K. West’ sign that appeared on the front cover of Bowie’s 1972 debut The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, and has its own reality show due next year– is coming to London on Saturday 17th November.

40 years ago this year saw the release of Bowie’s aforementioned debut, so expect to be treated to quite the rollercoaster of creativity and reinvention, as the artwork on show takes you from London, to Los Angeles and Berlin. World famous images created for Bowie will be on display that not only highlight his insane visual transformations over the years, but also showcase a man with a knack for working with some equally talented artists including Brian Duffy, Edward Bell, Masayoshi Sukita, Guy Peellaert, Steve Shapiro, and Eric Stephen Jacobs.

For a pop culture visionary, light years ahead of his time, original posters and promo material on Bowie are actually really hard to come by, so treat this exhibition as a rare opportunity to purchase a classic piece of pop culture from his finest period.  What can I say, David Bowie is the definition of a Star– man.

The exhibition will take place at The Movie Poster Art Gallery, 1 Colville Place, London, W1T 2BG, from Saturday 17th November until Saturday 1st December.   Admission is free.

Words: Portis Wasp