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Preview: Spindle Introducing

Friday 12 October 2012
Words Spindle

Our Spindle Introducing night is back from the dead and returns to London on Thursday 18th October – which is still, just about, a whole two weeks away from Halloween before you mention it so don’t be thinking you can palm us off with a ‘Sorry, I’m too busy dunking for apples’ kind of an excuse.  You have been warned and there will be apples stocked behind the bar anyways.  Maybe… 

If you don’t know what to expect from a Spindle Party then you are in for the best night of your life, and if you have attended a Spindle Party then you will know that whilst we can’t promise you the best night of your life you will have a really nice time.  It’s a lot like a Skins party actually, only more polite with better music and you’ll probably fall in love with someone at this party because everyone who usually attends is utterly adorable in a thousand different ways and I totally shouldn’t be saying this but I’m pretty sure Kaya Scodelario is attending on the 18th!  Maybe…

On the night you will be treated to quite the selection of new acts that we think are insanely good.  Scams (who are scared of water), one-woman-wonder AMiTY (her hair just slays us), The Hotelles (who can’t spell properly), and L.A. Salami (who looks a little bit like an “approachable” Kele Okereke ) will entertain your ears with their musicality and, for afters, DJ Picadilly Boy will tickle your ear drums with some sick beats.  There will also be live art from Philip Dennis and Alice Parsons, as well as some turban-tastic fashion courtesy of Shopfloorwhore, pop up blow drys from Nic Alexander (Trevor Sorbie), a nail bar, courtesy of Pow Wow Nails and more fashion related fun with Modu Designs and Sly Leather. Darren Skene will be providing the photo booth and party snaps will be taken by the one and only Jean-Luc Brouard, so say cheese.

It’s diverse; it’s eclectic; it’s all kinds of other things.  Need I say more? No. I’m away to dunk for apples.

See you at the House of Wolf on Thursday 18th October at 7pm.  Free entry all night.

Words: Portis Wasp