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Review: 6000ad

Tuesday 09 October 2012
Words Spindle

6000ad encourages the party monster rebel to come out and play. If you dream of having a unicorn as a pet, if Barbie is one of your business bitch idols, if vintage Billie Piper is in your iTunes, chances are this website holds the wardrobe from your delicious imagination after drinking too much Nesquik.

A playground of fashion that indulges in offbeat expression, it celebrates daring designs that explode in felt tip colour from the hottest new designers. Showing that dress-up can be oh so decadent, expect to find Horace playsuits for scuba diving discotheque attire, acid attack camouflage caps from Basso and Brooke, a playground of colourful suits from Agi & Sam, poptastic Hollywood references from Piers Atkinson, and magical jewellery by Tatty Devine that not even Disney could dream up. Not to mention some words on hats for the ultimate twitter hashtag by Modu, modern girl attitude from Louise Gray, and that taste of 90’s revival from Cassette Playa.

Your hosts for this hallucinating journey through fashion frenzy are Philip Normal and Alexandre Pollazzon. Philip is the proud owner of a ukulele and a luscious lunchbox, runs the Happy Shack in Camden, and is also the Fashion Fun editor of Super Super magazine. He exchanged his typewriter for an Etch-A-Sketch and hasn’t looked back since. Alexandre is a contemporary art curator, former gallery owner but current owner of a beard and big ideas.

Looking at fashion as an art form and constantly evolving exhibition, the aim of 6000ad is to encourage expression and eccentricity in the everyday; it’s the new Myspace, and it wants to put you in its ‘top friends’ list!

Find it here.

Words: Charles Matthews