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Review: Asger Juel Larsen- Madhouse

Tuesday 16 October 2012

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Words Spindle

Ever watched ‘Party Monster’ and dreamt of a world where we could all be stars in the dope show, where rollerblading your way into an interview met immediate promotion, East End London boasted trend setting zombies, and telling people to “fuck off” was Class A chivalry? If so you might want to book yourself into the Madhouse, a tripped out Travelodge where metalheads, rebels, night terrors and “whateva’s” have the ultimate slumber party.

Asger Juel Larsen is known for his beautifully sinister collections, with a military exploration that erases the no-mans-land between dystopias all the way through to the dirtiest of raves. But this diffusion line puts two fingers up to the seasons and style conventions, encouraging laidback anarchy where you can wear something however the hell you like!

Rock and roll meets rainbows; girls meet boys; boys meet girls; drugs meet orange juice; and old school horror has a cute revival. You can be a countryside outlaw, a well dressed lap dancer, a thunder and lightning magnet, or a heavy metal addict. Whatever your flavour, chances are there will be a home for you in the bad ass Madhouse.

Expect sweats, t-shirts, track suits, leggings, bag packs and jewellery. You will die wanting more and die wanting less, you’ll force yourself to be a free spirit, and chances are you’ll just end up surprising yourself! For fashion that feels illegal but gives you the biggest high, it’s time to let your wardrobe become a state of rebellion.

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Words: Charles Matthews