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Review: Charley Bickers- My Goodbye

Tuesday 02 October 2012
Words Spindle

Bickers dwells somewhat on the theme of loss in his new release. The song initiates his forthcoming debut release,Our Frail Hearts and as implied by the titles of both, sets the tone for the length of the album.

My Goodbye is a heartfelt and mellow number, obviously a song personal to him. He originally planned to scrap it from the album, but following the reaction it evoked in the people he divulged it with, he finally decided to keep it firmly within the finished piece. The release itself is embellished with a video featuring red balloons strewn across verdant, languorous swathes of countryside.

Despite the song being sombre and bittersweet (and the addition of the video), something lacks in My Goodbye, rendering it a tad banal and tenuous. Nonetheless it’s a sweet and melancholy song. I don’t know, perhaps this resonates with other people better, but not for me. (Soz.)

Words: William Ibbott