Introducing Rising R&B Queen Amun

Tuesday 22 January 2019

If you know Spindle Magazine you know that WE STAN a silky smooth voice and soulful queen. Rising artist Amun display’s all of that and more.

Growing up in a music-filled household that encompassed 90’s R&B and Hip Hop , her love for the genre blossomed. This showcases in her first EP Separate with each song having a nostalgic yet contemporary taste that is just a pleasure to listen to. Her recent single ‘So Cold’ is a break-up anthem that will give listener’s that no f**k’s attitude.

We had a chance to catch up with the emerging singer to discuss the inspiration behind “So Cold” , her EP and more…

“How you go from being on a pedestal to pathetic, I respected you made me regret it” these are the opening lyrics to your newest single ‘So Cold’ you are not holding back any punches what was the inspiration behind this track? 

Answer- two very real lines. The inspiration comes from how easily People can switch up on you, especially when you least expect it. So cold is just an example of that and instead of getting mad just get even. 

The remix features rapper Skrapz how did you two end up linking up to make this record? 

We knew we wanted to do a remix for so cold but it had to be the right person. I thought who would hold it down for the mandem and kill it. The one and only big boy skrapz. We just reached out to his team and he really digged the track and we got it done.

Your EP ‘Seperate’ is a BOP especially the song ‘Not Everything’, what was it like working on your first EP?

It was everything. I was so desperate to make music. that time was difficult for me, trying to figure how I was going to make it work and fast. It was the first time in my life I had no limit on studio, I could just create. It was so strange. I just remember thinking you better take advantage because you never know when this will come back around. I had no idea all the doors that would open after I released separate. It will always be my baby. 

Growing up what genre’s of music did you listen to? Did your parents ever influence your music choice’s? 

They defiantly did! All I heard growing up was RnB and HipHop. Me and my dad bonded over music, we would stay up for hours discussing tracks and artists. He really made me fall in love with music before anything else.

Who are your top 5 favourite artist’s? is there one song from each that really stood out to you?

1. Aaliyah- we need a resolution

 2. Drake- come thru             

3. Lauren hill – Ex factor    

4. Jhené Aiko-  living room flows

5. Mia- Bad Girls

With a strong 2018 debut what can your growing fan base expect for 2019?

A lot of music. I have so much coming  I’m itching. A lot more gigs. 2019 Im all about getting out there.

What do you want to achieve as an artist going forward? 

Answer- I want the people to feel me. They are the real critics. I want my music to help and uplift people. I want to always do that.