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Monday 03 December 2012

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Words Spindle

What Power Ranger would you have been, and did the Pink Ranger’s sex appeal status interrupt the ranger’s defence against evil?

I’d probably have to be the red one, purely because he was in charge. And no, surely there is no greater defence against evil than sex appeal. Go Pink Ranger!

Would you kiss an upside down Spiderman that’s hanging from a wall in, or is that a bit weird?

I’d kiss Spiderman any way he’d freakin’ let me.

What do you have for breakfast for superhero strength?

Cinnamon Crunch and a Cinnamon Swirl and a Cinnamon Pop tart. I am a Cinnamon pop tart! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I also laugh at my own terrible jokes it would seem.

How powerful is pop music?

Extremely powerful. It has the power to invoke intense emotion in your opponent and you can strike whilst they’re too busy dancing or something.

Is Britney the ultimate superhero?

Absolutely not.

Do you have sidekick pets?

Yes, two cats. One black and one white. One is good and one is evil. They appear sitting on each of my shoulders and talk to me like a cartoon conscience would.

What’s your super power?

Unfortunately the name Cinnamon Girl doesn’t really suggest a hero with a decent power –maybe I have magic cinnamon powder that compels you to do whatever I tell you to.

Did you know I could have auditioned for the role of Harry Potter when I was young as they took place in my county; what qualities would you have brought to Hermione if we auditioned together? 

You would have been excellent. What a loss. I am a bossy, geeky, hard working swat and my hair has a tendency to frizz so I would have been a prime candidate for Hermione. I’d fucking kill to go to Hogwarts.

Who would your villain be? 

I like Jack Nicholson’s Joker, but for some reason I instantly imagined a dude with the face of a pig trying to steal my creativity. I might have a few issues. Ha ha ha.

If you had a moral to teach the kids after an episode of ‘Cinnamon Girl the superhero’, what would it be? 

Learn to play an instrument. Believe in equality.

Is Cinnamon Girl a superhero for the gays? 

I’d love to be! Aren’t all superheroes though? Just think of the outfits.

Words: Charles Matthews

Photography: Helen Kirkbright

Styling: Heather Falconer

Makeup: Sherin Adam

CG wears: jumpsuit and boots Pam Hogg and accessories by Bjorg and AND_I