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Interview: My New Favourite Tribe

Thursday 13 December 2012
Words Spindle

London/Brighton based My New Favourite Tribe have raised hairs and eyebrows with their consuming eighties new wave synths and ethereal performances. Having recently played at Brighton’s Green Door Store and provided support to Wild Palms, Crowd Control and Gross Magic, the band are about to embark on Spindle Introducing: Party! Party! Panto! on Tuesday 18th December at House of Wolf. We caught up with the band to discuss gigs, whisky, the Olympics, 2013 and sex with a girl/lunch for Christmas.

Where did you guys meet? How was the band formed?

Josh:  The Tribe first started when I forced a cheeky lil scamp by the name
of Jackson Holmes to sit down and help record some songs that I’d been
working on. We recorded some demos, which before long got us some attention
and gig offers. When this happened we decided we probably need to make real
band as at the time it was just me, Jackson and a laptop. Now the bands
been fully realized as me, Jackson, Saul and a laptop!

You’ve been compared to Haircut 100. Where do your influences spawn from?

Josh: The funny thing is until that comparison we’d never even heard
Haircut 100! I’d say at the heart and soul of us you’d probably find some
Smiths, Prince and a sprinkling of Nirvana.

Saul: Yeah I like all sorts of things … I like the new Blink 182 album
…I went to a party the other day and this girl had a Blink 182 tattoo and
I kind of fancied her but she was interested in the drummer from Childhood.

Jackson: Yeah, basically the blogs are right, we just listen to
exclusively Haircut 100, oh and System of a Down.

What were some of the first records you bought when you were younger?
Saul: The first record I purchased was Rage Against the Machine Battle of
Los Angeles with my CD vouchers.

Jackson: The first record I bought was Football’s Coming Home! Oh, and
Lou Bega Mambo No. 5
Josh: Probably one of the first records I actually bought was “What Is
by Haddaway when I was about 10; what a banger!

What are the bands vices?

Saul: I try and do yoga every morning with my yoga DVD
Jackson: Whisky. I love Whisky.
Josh: And books. We read too much. If there’s one thing I hate about this
band it’s our thirst for knowledge.

What’s been your favourite gig so far?

Saul: Probably the first one and they’ve got progressively worse from
there (just kidding…I think!).

Jackson: Lock Tavern
Josh: The last gig we played at the Green Door Store in Brighton, by all
rights should have a disaster: we didn’t get to practice; didn’t get a
soundcheck; and Saul turned up just as we were about to play our first song.
But we smacked it!

What was Saul’s reason for leaving Yuck?

Jackson: Artistic differences i.e. Saul is too good at bass!
Saul: I felt confused about what to do but I love their music, t’s the
best and I love my brother (P.S I love their baselines they are so smooth
and sexy and I loved playing them).

Josh: Yeah one day I think we should do a love letter album with them
doing half of our songs all shoe gazey like and us doing half of theirs
with synths, it would be stupidly beautiful!

It’s December. How has 2012 been for My New Favourite Tribe? Any

Josh: Probably playing the Olympics in Hyde Park. The weather was good,
the food was bad and everyone wanted to be your friend.

What would you like for Christmas?

Josh: For the world not to end and a GamesMaster boxset… I’m in mourning.

Saul: To have sex with a girl or, failing that, to have lunch with a girl
or, failing that, to have sex with a lunch.

Jackson: iTunes vouchers or similar. I don’t like not paying for music,
but if someone gives me money I’ll just spend it on whisky.

What are your plans for 2013?

Josh: Well, we should have our first bonafide single coming out just
after February and generally we just want to keep the hits coming and carry on
developing a fan base. It would also be nice to land that big million
dollar deal… and maybe a slot at the good music mecca that is T4 On The

Jackson: Yeah! We’ll be recording loads of new tracks at Rumbaba
Studios where I’m working. We’re gonna smash it!
Saul: I’m planning to hopefully do an acoustic gig playing some Oasis


Words: Simon Herriott