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Interview: Kodaline

Monday 17 December 2012

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Spawned out of nowhere – but still managing to evoke a whirlwind of their reaction to their debut single almost overnight, you get the impression that four piece Dubliners, Kodaline, must be doing alright for a band still in their formative stages.

I sought to catch up with them, and pick their brains about their current success, among
other things, and so we liaised on a steely overcast weekday afternoon on a pub fashioned
from an old barge. Amid its gloomy interiors and swaying heavily on the murky blown glut of the Thames, I bustle into its dingy cabin and find the guys quite comfortably nestled in for the afternoon. I suspect they’ve been answering quite a few questions for a few people – judging by the amount of empty sandwich cartons, crisp packets and cups of coffee strewn across its long, narrow table. In reality the guys are all accommodating and speak in a heavy Irish brogue that betrays their upbringing as childhood friends in a town near Dublin airport. Frontman Steve more or less holds court through the procedure, but other band members remain closely observant, adding to the thread when necessary.

Firstly, can you let us in on the name you chose? Why Kodaline? Is there some cryptic meaning behind the name?

Honestly there’s no meaning, we wanted a name with no connotations that people could
relate to the music once they hear it.

You’ve been friends for a long time but been together as a group for such a short while, was this something you’d imagined doing together from an early age or was it more of a spontaneous choice?

We’ve always wanted to play music, it’s what we love doing. We’re so thankful to have the opportunity to do it professionally.

All I Want was an all-round huge success, you’ve also released an EP, how are
things coming along with the album?

The Album has been finished and we’re slowly working the new songs into our live set in the run up to it’s release in the middle of March. We’re really happy with it and can’t wait for people to hear it.

Who would you name as your main three influences? Also do you find that being in a band you actually have differing musical influences/have to make compromises for this?

We’re influenced by very different music, Steve listens to soul music and Bruce Springsteen, Mark loves the Beatles and LCD Sound system Vinny will always have a bit of Rap on in the van and Jay listens to electronic stuff. It’s not so much that we compromise and more that we have different takes on how things should go and that ends up giving us a lot more to work from.

Tell us something funny that’s happened to you since you’ve been together as a band.

Last night I got into a car with a group of seemingly friendly guys who were going to bring us to a party, they asked me for my wallet and some time later I managed to get out of the car, the guys found it hilarious. Not so funny at the time.

Words: William Ibbott