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WigWamBam at the Queen of Hoxton

Friday 08 November 2013

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Words Spindle

These are the months where thoughts of your holiday stretched out on the beach being caressed by the warmth of the sun never felt so distant. Now the winds conduct their daily marches of the streets, punishing figures on the pavement with the cruel upturning of umbrellas and icy pinching of the cheeks. Even when stowed away safely indoors, Autumn is the hellish brat that will demand acknowledgement as it throws pellets of rain against your office window before pressing a dull grey face against the glass to examine your reaction. Her pranks will even extend to washing the paving over with mushed up leaves in a bid for you to slip. She is the one that pulls down the curtain of the sky before you leave for home. The thought of braving an exit from your bed in the morning to be greeted with this behaviour makes a sick day sound enticing.

Thankfully Queen of Hoxton have come up with a better plan for temporary Autumn/Winter hibernation: WigWamBam.

wigwambam 1

The evening rooftop den is nestled away on Curtain Road, a hideout off the common tourist’s map due its backdrop of sullen looking office blocks but not so inconspicuous to the London local. The giveaway is the tent at an imposing height of 8 metres, dressed up in lights and puffing out trails of smoke as though signaling its calling to the tribe of East London natives.

Once guests take refuge inside the wigwam the sight of huddles of friends wrapped up in winter layers and the glow of the open grill’s roaring flames knocks the chill from your stomach. The rotating menu chalked up on a board offers delicious dishes at £6 such as the wild boar sausages with forest fruit chutney, smokey buffalo burger and crispy leg of pork, all served with a side and the option of gravy. Purchase a ticket at the food bar and let the chef be at your service as you marvel at the surrounding indigenous ambience, from a flooring of wood chips to log tables and wall hangings pieced together under the enchantment of subdued lighting.

wigwambam 3

My favourite part of the WigWamBam experience was when I ventured out from the cosy snug to the rooftop decorated with strings of golden fairy lights. Here I sat by one of the fire pits watching the orange of the flame feeding from its own charcoal belly as I listened to chatter and laughter. I then roasted a stick of marshmallows and made a toast to finding my new post-work haven with a bottle of pear cider.

WigWamBam is open daily from 5-10pm – this comes with my recommendation to get there sooner rather than later to ensure you grab the best of the food on offer.

Words: Laura Yuen