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Preview: Us Baby Bear Bones

Wednesday 09 January 2013
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Us Baby Bear Bones (supporting Born Gold)

Green Door

January 23 2013

£6 adv/£8 otd

Usually when I write about a band I’ll listen to their music at the same time. For some obscene reason they only have three available tracks at the moment. There is the track they uploaded way back in April (which is about a century ago in music terms) called You, which is superb. Then there was their Christmas track they brought out which you can search out yourselves because I don’t like it (sorry UBBB) and the track Rain which is available with the recently released for free Sea Monsters 2 compilation. Therefore, I didn’t bother to listen to them and instead opted for this. Come to think of it, they’re not worlds apart.

Anyway, Us Baby Bear Bones have eschewed the tactic of playing every dive possible that some bands do. Why people still think doing that is a good idea I’ll never know. No one wants to see you play the Cowley Club for the 100th time and hang around with people who have hair that weighs the same as their own body (I haven’t been there in awhile). So, when they do announce a gig it’s worth making the effort as you’ll probably have to wait awhile for the next one.

I went to their first ever gig at White Night 2010 in a stage set-up outside St.Peters Church. It was a fantastic gig and I successfully avoided those tramps who cluster together there. Good night all round. The band have changed a lot since then and they’ve gotten better and probably more mature or something. I think that’s the correct complement to give when a band changes and they don’t get worse.

It’s quite hard to describe their music. The often used genre is dream pop, which is the worst name for a genre since nu-rave. Either way, it does kind of set you on the right track. The three piece make great use in the contrasting vocals between singers Puff and Daisy. The effect of the two voices is always put to great use and has a habit of adding an extra element and level to their songs. Multi-instrumentalist Luke is probably one of the best xylophone players I’ve ever seen. I’ve not seen many admittedly, but he brings the goods along with his well-placed and thought-out guitar parts. He also brings them sweet beats with an MPC/drum machine thing (I’m not great on details). Puff too brings them sweet beats by hitting an actual drum occasionally. Daisy then tops it all off with her synth that seems to create sounds that transport you to weird places you can barely describe. She could also be lacing everyone’s drinks.

I would strongly suggest getting down to see Us Baby Bear Bones. Three tracks isn’t enough to give them justice and they always put on a great show. They’ll probably have some visuals as well too because apparently people can’t go to gigs any more without looking at something that’s meant to look like what someone sees on acid by someone who has never taken it.

I’m still listening to the Nyan cat.

Words: Joshua Boyd