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Preview: Hardware LDN

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Hardware LDN is pretty much lush. Brought to life by designer Jessica Horwell, the brand has caught the attention of the likes of Rita Ora and ‘that pack’. But this is more about the secret kids. Drawing inspiration from a playground of punks, rockers, skaters, urbanites and anybody else who happens to be in the neighbourhood, this is a label that uncovers the real-real-raw look and feel of London street culture. Fake tan retail hipsters thankfully don’t fuck up the screens in the promo video. Instead the ‘Shameless’ ghost city streets have an intimate brigade of boys and girls in the brand, shooting invisible hoops, buying a can of fizz, and generally doing whatever…effortlessly.

We live a life, not an apology
We shall live hard, but we shall live

East 17 beanies feature, “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR” is taken from a girly teen film and given a punch, the Hardware London slogan is criss crossed and camo caps round up the renegade look.

You don’t need a pretentious bio for this brand: it speaks for itself. Hard, fearless and made for the natural expressionists that don’t scream and shout about it.



Words: Charles Matthews