Video: Andrew Bird

So it’s cold outside and there’s snow everywhere. Probably ice now too. Maybe even that horrid grey slush. And you’re probably thinking that you can’t do all those things you wanted to, fulfil all those obligations, put all those plans into action but then look at it this way, you’ve got a golden ticket to chillsville from the Weather Wonka. Make a pot of coffee, bake a cake, read a book, watch an epic black and white movie, cuddle up with a loved one in front of a fire. Basically, just kick the hell back in a blissful enforced laziness. Take me advice and do nothing today unless it involves a hip-flask and sliding down a precipitous slope on a tea-tray. Do nothing and let busy creative types beaver away in the cold, like everyone’s favourite whistling multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird.

Bird is gearing up to play a whole host of winter shows in churches in his native Chicago and New York, inspired by the notion of making something warm in the cold. Check out this video where he talks about the shows, composing, instruments, and even showcases some new material. And of course he whistles, a lot. Boy, does he love to whistle.

Video courtesy of Crane.TV

Words: Thomas Spooner