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Video: Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Monday 07 January 2013
Words Spindle

It seems that everyone’s getting in on the Fashion Week act these days – did you know that Tel Aviv now has one?

It’s probably not surprising that you don’t seeing as this is only the second one they’ve held in 30 years! Thanks to VICE and Fashion Internationale presenter Charlet Duboc, you can now take a peek at this curious event.

VICE had this to say about the whole affair:

“VICE presenter Charlet heads to the party capital of the Middle East for the second ever Tel Aviv fashion week in 30 years. The fashion week that nearly didn’t happen.

The hottest topic flying round the Holy Land is the latest BMI law, brought in to end the greatest killer of Israeli girls aged 15-24, Anorexia. The severity of the issue is revealed as Charlet ruffles a few feathers by asking the fashion elite at the shows about the new law.

Charlet later joins an established fashion photographer for a gluttonous meal out and watches his models wolf down their food, alongside a girl he’d rescued from near starvation.”

Charlet then meets another fashion photographer who is equally as controversial but for different reasons. Lior Nordman likes to shoot graphic scenes of forbidden, same sex love between Muslims and Jews. During the photoshoot, Charlet has to pinch herself as she gets a gun in her face and an eyeful of the nude, female ‘Holy Trinity’ from a sexy suicide bomber.

While all this is happening, the Israeli army launches a military operation and Charlet’s plans to meet with supermodels from the Israeli army start to fall through. Left with nothing to do but question how best to finish the film, the first air raid sirens heard in Tel Aviv in 21 years give Charlet her answer.”

What a treat. Check out the vid below: