Position of the Week: Inverted Shoulder Press

You know the drill: on your knees, hands on the floor, arse up.

Right, let’s begin.

Inverted Shoulder Press
This is a great move to work the shoulders when you don’t have access to gym equipment.

1. Place your feet on a knee-height surface, with your hands flat on the ground, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your body should be at roughly a 90 degree angle.
2. Keeping your neck straight and facing back towards your feet, bend your arms until the top of your head almost touches the floor.
3. Press back up into the starting position and repeat.

Perform 3 sets of 6-10 reps, with 45-60 seconds rest between sets.

To make this easier to begin with, you can start with your feet on the floor. To make it harder, pause at the bottom of the movement for 5 seconds before pushing back up.

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Illustration: Emmanuel Kerner