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Interview: Boy George

Thursday 28 February 2013

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Words Amy Lavelle

The Here and Now Tour: an institution whose annual line ups read like a who’s who of the 80s, that provides an excuse for all those who were old enough to crimp their own hair in the 80s to don shoulder pads and leg warmers and bop around in person to those pop heroes that once blasted from the headphones of their Walkmans.

Who better, then, to headline their 10th anniversary tour than the pop legend, Boy George?

We’ve all heard the stories of his public tantrums, spats with other celebs and, at times, bitchy nature; scratch slightly below those layers of makeup and there’s a seedier undertone ripe with rumours of rent boys and his recent jail time.

(I probably should have taken more notice of this.)

But now, approaching 50, another side of the formidable star is being revealed. Post addiction and with a new interest in yoga, assertions of a new, clean, softer and wiser Boy George are making the rounds.

So, nervous and slightly giddy but buoyed by the recent abundance of candid interviews splashed over the internet, plus the sparkling rapport established with first question (‘How are you?’ He was good) I boldly threw myself into the interview.

Boy, was that was a mistake.

You’ve been reaching out to George Michael during his time in prison. Has his time away brought back memories of your own incarceration?

To be honest with you, I’ve kind of forgotten about it. I know that when I was away it was really good getting letters from people, it was really important to get support from people.

Your differences in the past have been no secret but this means the hatchet’s buried between you two.

Long time ago. Long time ago… That was all sorted out years ago. (Laughs) I mean, I don’t understand why you’re asking me these questions really.

So after everything that’s happened, how did it feel to get such a great reception at Glastonbury?

It was great, yeah, it was really good, but… Hold on a sec… *click*.

Er… Hello…?

Illustration: Peter James Field