Interview: Swiss Lips

Swiss Lips’  debut single DANZ is now available to download on iTunes. Check out Charlie Matthews’ interview with them from our vaults.

Check out the video for single Danz here and prepare to be wowed anew with the stellar dance moves of Barrington. If we could, we would. As it is, we’re awash with new found levels of respect.

The last time I saw Sam from Swiss Lips, we tried out a shot in a bar that involved a tropical yolk that you had to explode. I didn’t understand the rules and squirmed for a solid ten minutes afterwards. Sam looked on endearingly as if he was my carer. This time around, I met him backstage at their high profile gig at Koko supporting Bastille. He was very keen to see the new umbrella I bought/found on the underground, and after complaining about feeling parched I stripped down to a vest in the dressing room like the lap dancer they never ordered. Sam is a big fan of my Mr Bean ways and I’m a big fan of Swiss Lips, so this interview was going to be a joy! With a nice bit of ginger beer, came the mastermind questions:

Hiya Sam
“Hiya Charlie”

So this is a pretty big moment. Here. In the Koko. With 2 bottles of free ginger beer.
“I know, we’ve just been on a two week tour supporting Bastille, and it’s finished here, and sold out too…so it’s massive!”

Would you ever collaborate with a big boy rapper Sam?
“I’d fucking love to. My dream is to be best friends with Kanye West.”

Do you feel that as a band you missed out on Top Of The Pops and CD:UK with Cat Deeley?
“Yeah definitely. I think it’s worrying because it might signal the demise
of everything. It might be part of a bigger picture. CD:UK was awesome and
things like this are disappearing because of the internet.”
**We take a moment of silence to reflect.

So in your new music video In The Water, there are girls, in the water, swimming around or possibly drowning. How come you guys weren’t having a paddle?
“I don’t think the world is ready for slow motion videos of us under water. That’s third album territory. We needed to put a video on so found footage that worked with the song.”

You guys have a great look. Has fashion become an interest of yours now that you’re photographed on a regular basis?
“Doing what we do, you become more aware of how you look. We needed a lot
of help when we started to tie us in together though, and Heather (sexy
stylist) has been amazing.”

Are you enjoying all this 90s revival buy viagra online bangalore thing going on?
“Yeahhh I guess so, but it’s a bit shit that no-one can come up with
anything new.”

At this point a band member comes in and exclaims how seedy the dark red
wall paint makes the room look, followed by a member of crew who overhears
fashion and campaigns that his outfit is “all the rage in New York.” I was
in the presence of international fashion.

Did you enjoy your day trip to London Fashion Week with Spindle?
“That sort of world I’m not really used to it. It’s funny, but intimidating. I was hiding behind you and Camilla.”

How about having a song used as a runway soundtrack though?
“Victoria’s Secret! Or maybe the runway we saw with you with the one model who was sulking down the runway. We want her to be the face of our music. Or we’d happily advertise Persil.”

There was then some chat about Utterly Butterly and fish fingers, which
somehow related to artists, advertising and possibly runways, but I can’t retrace how this happened…

Conversation turned back to touring, where airport security is a right nuisance. I shared a story where I was mistaken for a terrorist, but Sam bettered me with a tale…
“My friend had a big beard and got stopped, and had to empty his bag. All he had in there was a copy of The Catcher In The Rye and a chomp!”

Security chat evolved into world disaster, which obviously led us to Independence Day.
“We’d fucking love a zombie film moment to happen. We’d get lots of snacks and know where to go.

“Life is relatively safe and relatively boring, so sometimes you just want that one day where a T Rex runs down the street and you have to just deal with it.”

The tour manager farts in the room. We have an intermission.

So does anything fun go on during a tour?
“Nick’s got this alter ego called Brown Steel and the other night it went to Black Steel. He threatened to kill Luke, saying, “I cannot wait until the day I can punch you in the face.” He can’t remember saying this.

I let the band know that their rider looks surprisingly small. I was expecting sandwiches.
“You need to be headliners until you get your own sandwiches. One day we’ll get sandwiches!”

The band ask for a lamp in the dark lit room. Bunch of divas. After showcasing my interview skills, I then shook hands like a professional and realised I left my umbrella on the main stage.

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Words: Charlie Matthews
Illustration: Laura Kennard

Originally published: Oct 24, 2012