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ISSUE 6- Interview: The Tricks

Tuesday 05 February 2013
Words Spindle

British indie pop band, The Tricks, sound a cross between early The Strokes, Bruce Springsteen and The Clash. The four piece who met in Hertfordshire, are considered to be one of Johnny Depp’s favourite new bands.  Signed to LA based Unison Music, who Johnny has very close ties with and was said to be instrumental in sorting them the deal.  They have been recording their debut album in sunny LA, as well as  having just finished a tour with 90’s band Babybird.  I catch up with then to find out how it’s all going.

You recently finished your tour, how did it all go with supporting Babybird?  Where was your favourite city to perform in?

Yeah it was amazing, part of the reason we enjoyed it so much is that we went to places we’d never been before.  We really enjoyed performing in Sheffield, we played the O2 Academy then got to hang out a bit… but London’s always good as it was our hometown gig.  We got a pretty good reaction everywhere… Doncaster and Oxford. Babybird were cool, it was funny hanging out with them after each gig and hearing stories about their time back in the 90s.  Everyone always goes nuts for that track.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to a new city?

Every place we went to is we’d check into the Travelodge, you can tell a lot about the city about the state of their Travelodge.  We’d always try and work out what we wanted to do there, i.e visit local football ground, go get some good grub from a recommended restaurant.

Your last single was Remember Me, you released that on a 7inch.  Is that the plan going forwards to continue to do this on vinyl?

We loved the fact we’d released this on 7inch; we love vinyl as we DJ in our spare time and thought it would be a nice thing to sell to our fans.  It’s a cool thing to have and it’s limited edition.  I think it’s a brilliant thing that more and more artists are doing things in a DIY manner and self-releasing on vinyl, we totally support this.

I also read that your 7inch of Remember Me sold out in Panda Panda in Japan, what’s the story there?

I know it’s all a bit nuts, we didn’t really know we had a fan base out there, we totally were not aware that they knew of us.  But Panda Panda contacted us to ask us to send out some vinyl and they sold out in the first day, then we posted some more and those sold out in a day too.  We’d love to go out there and play some gigs.

So tell us all about Johnny Depp?

He’s affiliated with the label, as the guy who owns the label is a good friend of Johnny’s.  That’s kinda it, he came to one of our gigs in London, it was nuts but we’re asked this question so often.

You say you’re releasing a track a month. When can we expect the debut album to be out?

Well at the moment we’ll be releasing a single a month from May, together with releasing a mini EP at the end of summer.  We recorded 15 songs out in LA almost over a year ago, we spent a couple of months out there rehearsing a lot, doing a handful of gigs seeing a bit of LA.. it was great.  We’re hoping to go back over to LA so we can record five more tracks during the summer, so that we’ve got a constant steam of music.  The plan is to get our music out to as many people as possible.

Words: Bee Adamic

Image: Joseph Melhuish