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Profile: Agi & Sam

Monday 30 July 2012

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Words Spindle

Fashion haters will often pick up on the ‘pretentious’, assuming that labels are looking upon their clothing creations as an exclusive religion we have to study tirelessly to experience. These self-assessed critics clearly haven’t been introduced to designers that look at fashion as the ultimate playground; a place where colour, imagination and the make-believe exist outside of fantasy.

Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton are the names behind Agi & Sam, the hottest duo to graffiti their way through menswear with such colourful anarchy and mantra. Their debut collection, The native American Colonisation of European States, immediately engraved this ethos, taking a political root and kidnapping it to a wacky wild west landscape, with pop culture thrown in for good measure. Understated silhouettes commanded the aesthetic. There wasn’t eccentric or questionable shape; instead the focus was on the length, print and colour, transforming ‘the norm’ into the magical. Sunburnt blazers, Amish rebels in pastel pants, aggressive colour onesies, the Agi & Sam toyshop had it all from the go.

Since then the brand has become the undisputed Dr Seuss of London Fashion Week. From camp reggae layering, brogues with mosaic tiling, tartan that has been taken away to the tropics, and outfits that hijack a print from head to toe like it’s taken over the model, their unique take on pop culture with surreal historical references is constantly surprising and exciting. The latest collection was possibly the most formal to date, but in doing so illustrated how the modern man can execute refreshing fun into the business regime. Melting kaleidoscope paisley makes up a blazer look, spiced up with crayon intense parkas and socks. We wish Liverpool Street looked like Agi & Sam’s world everyday.

Words: Charles Matthews

Styling: Heather Falconer: www.heatherfalconer.com

Photography: Christopher Hench:www.christopherhench.com

Model: James at Oxygen