LFW Preview: Dans La Vie, Fam Irvoll

SERIOUSLY can’t wait to check out these two designers at London Fashion Week: I’m packing my lunchbox in anticipation already (in case you’re wondering, I favour Babybels, Space Raiders and a Rocky bar).

AW13 Pre-view sketch

The new collection, ‘Invisible Enemy, threat found’ is a noticeably darker line which was inspired by  the designers hard experience of cyber attacks. Also taking inspiration from combining the styles of the ancient oriental with the distinctive art movements of pop and the Renaissance era, expect religious motif prints such as ‘Madonna and Child’, capturing something anonymous, threatening and beautiful. Oh, and for some Autum/Winter bling, Swarovski elements rock up to the picture, as well as Hijab-style headwear.

AW13 Fam Irvoll Pre-view

Last season her runway was a rebellious granny invasion. Candyfloss OAPs with enough attitude to slay hipster girls in a heartbeat. The AW13 collection continues the designer’s playful and refreshing approach to fashion that takes risks without taking itself too seriously.

Influenced by her love of childhood memorabilia, expect a grand sense of warming nostalgia to a catalogue of props that have previously included video games and VHSs. This season Fam has a 90s slumber party, with slouch jumpers and button-up shirts, and a reflection on Roy Liechtenstein’s work. Yes, that means a POP ART punch; 3D speech bubbles featuring current slang sayings LOL and YOLO, not to forget the kaleidoscope-style oversized patterns in neon pinks and turquoises…I’m  foaming with funfair anticipation.