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O2W: Misty Miller

Monday 25 February 2013

I like to imagine that Misty Miller smashed her ukulele against the wall
of her bedroom in a fit of adolescent rage. And then calmly set it on

Misty got so angry with the state of things that she threw her ukulele in
a bin along with the clothes that she didn’t want to wear any more and
some lyrics she thought too naïve. She then sat back and watched it burn.
She watched as little tweeisms burst forth in orange and purple, flames
licking up towards the ceiling. When her retinas eventually recovered from
staring unblinking at the flames, she looked out at the world and saw it
in bitter hues, a landscape of tainted sad truths…

It may not have happened exactly like this but Misty Miller has undergone
a transformation, some sort of cathartic rebirth, a reimagining. Her
Girlfriend EP marks a new direction: gone is the soppy pop and
romantic ukulele poppycock, and instead we have raw, stripped-down garagey
rock ‘n’ roll. Tracks like Devil are evidence of a growing maturity, with
all the bruised and world-weary charm of Sharon Van Etten. It’s clear
Misty is a woman now, and with a bit of croak to her voice and an electric
guitar to thrash, comparisons to Patti Smith and PJ Harvey are inevitable.
Original or otherwise, contrived or genuine, it’s a relief to have a
strong female like Misty to stand alongside the likes of Jake Bugg in
introducing a new generation to the joys of an electric guitar and the
occasional snarl.

Words: Tom Spooner