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Preview: Asger Juel Larsen ‘CCTV ON FIRE’

Wednesday 06 February 2013
Words Spindle

This is a story about a roadtrip. It begins with a man, bored of the roundabout East London existence, on a quest for a new crowd that he can join and conquer. Like a burglar with a well tailored intention of stealing style ideas, he hits bars in a balaclava, like a night life criminal that makes an outfit orgy out of all the clubs he visits. His accidental look altered the beats, clubs were then created for him. He leaves the city knowing his work is done, like Robin Hood’s androgynous brother from the future. Welcome to the madhouse gap year with no limits.

The collection is a layering of cultures, rooted with Asger’s attention for the gothic urban, but developing into a new breed of cyber surprise. Take the forward thinking South Korean boys, whose style could be an allergic reaction to the norm and void inside, but a clothing drug to the enlightened. A fitted leather biker boy hitchhikes a ride with Paris Hilton, and the mash-up of mentalists results in a new breed of jackets. Insane with yellow, a neon quilted coat exudes expedition that’s Eurovision rave for the brave.

Asger then hits Antarctic heights of inspiration, encouraging a taste for the rave in chilly conditions. A cloudy white faux fur jacket has a mean boy polar bear boom to it. Imagine an underground igloo of snow punks, all hooded in a white jacket that defines their status. They started out in East London, and found an untouched area of the world to cause a secret scene.

A clash of hot and cold temperatures is the chemistry of the collection, where a quilted coat has a honey lava print erupting through the cracks, and a head to toe volcano ensemble has a flaming throwback to the 90s. Slipknot fancied to trip to the alps, but a ski lodge wouldn’t suffice, so they built a castle out of horror film kitchen equipment to form an industrial kingdom in the stark snow. Aggressive forward thinking fun.

This is a collection for the guy who fucked around, fucked people off, got fucked himself, found himself in bad situations, amazing ones, and has learnt a lot and very little in a long and blurry space of time. Finding a middle ground between his Madhouse diffusion line and runway legion, Asger yet again redefines himself as menswear as it happens and that you don’t expect.

Words: Charlie Matthews